Take me back to Shabestaan-e Emam Khomeini, Qom. #home

Take me back to Shabestaan-e Emam Khomeini, Qom. #home

"Once, two men entered a mosque. One of them was pious and the other was a wrongdoer. They came out of the mosque. The wrongdoer became a veracious man and the pious became a wrongdoer. This is because the pious man entered the mosque while being proud of his devotion, but the wrongdoer was ashamed and asked forgiveness for his sins."
- Imam Muhammad al-Baqir (AS)

(Source: yaseeneducation, via nargessi)

A person was standing next to a lake, when a group of bees attacked him. Wanting to prevent himself from the pain of their sting, he jumped into the water. As long as he was in the water, they could not sting him.

The water, is the remembrance of Allah, and the bees are those worldly thoughts, whims and desires, that are constantly pestering the soul, trying to pull the soul away from seeking its goal of spiritual perfection.

- Ostaad Fatemi-Niya

An Empty Life

A group friends went to a newly married friends house, with chocolates and gifts. They noticed an empty frame on the wall…they knew he wasn’t financially stable, he lived in a small house, but the empty frame left them puzzled.

One of them mustered some courage and asked him if the empty frame was to have the couples’ wedding picture on it, which might not have sufficient hijab. The rest of the group laughed. 

And the newlywed replied:

"No, the empty frame is for the picture of Imam Zaman. When he reappears and when everyone sees and knows what he looks like, we will fill the frame with his picture."

"So why have you hung an empty frame from now? Imam has not reappeared yet!"

He immediately replied:

"That’s exactly why…we want a constant reminder that there is something missing in our lives. Every time we look at the empty frame, it tells us to be amongst the ones who are eagerly awaiting his reappearance."

اللهم عجّل لوليك الفرج


زیارت جامعه کبیره امام نقی الهادی (ع) - با صدای میثم مطیعی

Ziyarah Jamiah Kabirah of Imam al-Hadi (A) - by Maitham Mote’ee